"Emily Drennan as Doatsey Mae (in the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas) gave the most memorable performance of the evening as she sang "Doatsey Mae." - Broadwayworld



"The divas in question were vocally gifted, attractive and vivacious. Rebecca Covington Webber, Emily Drennan and Shayna Steele, displayed awesome range and power in their singing, pizzazz in their choreography, and a spunky charm that effortlessly won the crowd’s hearts. They performed with intimate knowledge of the songs while adding their own modern vocal flourishes." - Long Beach Gazette

"Soprano soloist Emily Drennan [in her Lincoln Center debut]…was delightful with her passionate delivery throughout. Her voice is ideal for these pieces, from the child-like innocence of A Child is Gonna Come, to the unbridled joy of Go Sing it on the Mountain, but she saved her best for Star Eternal, which soared to the heavens." - New York Concert Review, Inc

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“A neat Christmas-inspired piece which all sundry will enjoy.  Harmonic vocals, tight production, and crisp instruments make this album endlessly-playable.” – Wouter Kellerman, GRAMMY winner

Emily Drennan’s Amneris fascinates due to Ms. Drennan’s not using “My Strongest Suit” as Square One and flouncing through the role for easy laughs (though she is an appealing comedienne) but, rather, keeps Amneris’ untapped dignity in focus so that her opening and closing narration are consistent and believably linked” – Theatre Mirror

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